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  PLCs Plus is an expanding practice fully devoted to assisting clients interested in resolving a problem, improving performance, or starting from "scratch." To help you get a better idea of what PLCs Plus can do for you look below.

Work Tasks

  • System software development and administration
  • System analysis and planning
  • Selected applicable performance criteria
  • Integrating with existing equipment
  • Optimize existing programs
  • Documentation of entire process

Customized Solutions

We will custom engineer the ideal solution to fit your needs. At PLCs Plus, we understand that "stock" answers do not always measure up to your needs. Our engineering consultants work hand in hand with you to design a system configuration to meet your unique requirements.

24-Hour Customer Support

To better serve you, our customer service includes toll-free 24-hour availability by calling 1-800-922-PLCS, or we can be reached via email at staff@plcsplus.com

Product Information

Would you like more information, a software demonstration or pricing? If so please let us know and we will promptly respond. Remember that if you have an immediate need, you can call us toll-free at 1-800-922-PLCS


  PLCs Plus Inc.
1820 Terminal Drive
Richland, WA 99352
Telephone (509) 946-7527
Facsimile (509) 943-9555
Email staff@plcsplus.com

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